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Your wedding day may have been the best time of your life, but your honeymoon will probably be the most memorable for you and your partner. Your ceremony and reception go by in a flash, there are so many emotions flying around, and a lot of fatigue after the months of planning. But on your honeymoon you can really spend time with your partner and relax — well, as soon as you’ve finished packing. Because you’ve already made enough lists throughout your wedding plans, we’re here to provide you with the ultimate honeymoon packing checklist, so that you can focus on relaxation.

Of course, this list should be altered depending on where you’re headed for your honeymoon. Bathing suits are definitely not required for a ski trip to Whistler (though there may be a hot tub!) and jackets can be left at home if you’re heading to Aruba. Still, there are some essentials you simply don’t want to leave behind as you embark on a long trip with your honey. Here they are.

1. Your ID and Passports

Because the first step to relaxation is actually getting to where you’re going smoothly.

2. Phone Chargers And Adapters

While you and your partner definitely want to disconnect, you still want your phone. Remember to research adapters and cell phone plans ahead of time if you’re heading out of the country,

3. Undergarments And Socks

You know, unless you plan to spend all of your time barefoot in a bathing suit on the beach.

4. Warm Layers

Even if you’re heading somewhere tropical, be sure to pack layers. There’s nothing worse than being chilly at that outdoor dinner reservation you planned months ago.

5. Bathing Suits

Even if you’re heading somewhere chilly, there may be a hot tub in the cards. Bring at least one suit.

6. A Nice Outfit

Even if your honeymoon is a backpacking trip or major hike, consider packing one nice outfit for a special occasion. You never know what your partner might be planning on surprising you with.

7. Comfortable Shoes

Because walking and hiking in heels is hard.

8. Fancy Shoes

To go with your fancy outfit!

9. Beach Cover-Ups

Especially important for those heading to warmer destinations, don’t forget a comfortable cover-up or two to get you from the hotel room to the pool.

10. Sunscreen

No matter where you’re headed, put on SPF 30 or more every day.

11. Toiletries

Because brushing your teeth for your partner is the right thing to do.

12. Travel-Sized Steamer

Easier to use than a giant ironing board, packing a travel-sized steamer to get out any wrinkles your clothes acquire in your suitcase is a great idea.

13. Sunglasses And Hats

Again, protecting your skin and your eyeballs is very important.

14. Workout Clothes

If you don’t want to workout on your honeymoon, you absolutely do not need to. But bring one pair of leggings just in case a cool hike or yoga class comes up on your trip.

15. Medicine

From Advil and antacid to prescription meds, make sure you organize these before your trip.

16. Band-Aids

Just in case you slice your finger opening that bottle of Pinot Noir!

17. Tampons, Cups, Or Pads

This is especially important if you’re traveling outside the country, as they can be difficult to find.

18. Razors

You know, if being smooth is your thing.

19. Deodorant

It’s nice to smell nice for your partner.

20. Contacts And Glasses

It’s also nice to be able to see your partner!

21. A Great Playlist

Create a Spotify playlist with some of your favorite songs from the wedding and from your life together with your partner. Especially great if you’re going on a road trip or have car time together.

22. Paperback Books

Disconnecting from your iPhone and diving into a paperback book is genuinely luxurious these days, so head to a local bookstore before embarking on your ‘moon.

**23. Contraception **

Unless, of course, you’re trying to grow your family already. Bon voyage!

Written by: Kimmy Foskett