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Calling all brides-to-be who want to channel a fellow unique, iconic, and rebellious woman on their wedding day — we have found your dress. Megan Ziems, creative director of Grace Loves Lace, looked to female powerhouses to inspire her latest collection for the brand, and prepare yourself: You’re about to fall deeply in love with one of Ziems’ designs.

"The collection celebrates individuality, and I was so inspired by women who have a strong sense of self," Ziems told Harper’s Bazaar in a June 21st interview. She notes that she was greatly influenced by Frida Kahlo, Virginia Woolf, Coco Chanel, and Beyoncé when designing the ICON collection. Ziems continued, “The way these women express and expressed themselves through the arts, their messages and thoughts on liberation inspired me.”

Ziems revealed to Harper’s Bazaar that she dug into the “anti-establishment undertones” these women possess(ed) to create the eleven looks for the ICON line. This meant letting go of restrictive fashion elements like boning, corseting, and heavy-weight fabrics — all popular details in garments worn during the eras in which the majority of the icons lived. Ziems wanted her designs to allow brides to move comfortably and to dance, which is utterly essential to enjoying one’s big day. After all, what’s a party without dancing?

The proof of Ziems inspiration is in the pudding. For example, the tiered skirt, ruffle details, and lace embellishment on the Coco gown scream Frida Kahlo.

And with its classic silhouette and intricate beading motif (perhaps inspired by Coco Chanel’s signature pearls?), the Menha gown is the epitome of Old Hollywood glamour with a modern twist.

“[These women] all created at different moments in history, yet rendered the ideologies of their time as obsolete,” With one foot in the past and the other in the future, Ziems designed each of her pieces to be as timeless as the icons themselves. The ICON gowns don’t adhere to any specific trend, and will be fashionable for seasons to come.

With varying shapes, fabrics, and overall moods, the ICON line offers something for every non-traditional bride. Each Grace Loves Lace piece, including dresses from the ICON line, is handmade in Australia. And lucky for all of us, the brand ships worldwide.

Depending on the look you’re going for come the big day, an ICON gown could also be perfect for a bride on a budget. ICON designs start as low as $410 USD (the Santo cocktail dress) and cap at $2,620 USD (The Coco gown).

Check out the entire ICON collection here if you’re feeling inclined to rock feminist-inspired fashion while you strut down the aisle. As the wise and wonderful Coco Chanel once said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” — you’ll certainly be both in one of Ziems’ creations.